Using Blockchain to Enlighten The Death Care Industry

Learn the beauty of blockchain and how it can bring value to your funeral business.

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This online workshop is exclusively for Canadian funeral industry. It covers essential topics on how the death care industry could take advantage of today’s blockchain technology and infrastructure to enhance and add value to respective funeral businesses. This is a Zoom online event.

Date and Time

Date: Thu, Feb 16, 2023

Time: 5pm (EST, Toronto), 2pm (PST, Vancouver)

Venue: Virtual event via Zoom.

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What You Will Learn

* What is blockchain and why funeral directors should care.
* What sparked the blockchain revolution.
* How blockchain actually works (in plain English).
* Different benefits of blockchain technology in the context of funeral business – decentralization, immutability, persistency, NFT.
* Explore the different use cases for blockchain in the death care industry.
* Discover how a blockchain service is already bringing sales leads to funeral businesses. 


* Learn how you can start using blockchain in your funeral business. immediately for free.
* Tutorial on how to create your free NFT (non-fungible token). Software included.
* Discover blockchain grants and learn how to apply to build your blockchain idea.

Speaker – Melvin Wong, Founder of Lifefram
* 4-time blockchain hackathon winner.
* 2-time blockchain grant recipient.
* 18 years in startup scene with two exits.
* Successful Udemy instructor.

* This seminar DOES NOT cover topics on investment in cryptocurrencies or coins. It only focuses on blockchain technology on how it can enhance the funeral industry.
* This event shall be highly interactive and you’re encouraged to ask questions.