Knowledge should last forever, including the knowledge of us


The idea of this project came about when our founder tried to write a biography of his departed aunt on Wikipedia. Sadly, the article was rejected because his aunt was not considered a notable person. Which gave him the idea to create this platform where anyone could memorialize anyone else who has passed away. 

This project is the grand champion of Babylon 2.0 hackathon with the entry entitled Peopedia.

Our mission is to manage a global decentralized database to document those who have passed away permanently and persistently for 300 years and beyond. We have so far archived over 1.4 million biographies.

To ensure every biography would last forever, we’ve set out to build a platform that is redundant and decentralized. With this aim, we’ve built a data storage network based on decentralized storage system that is independent from operating system and geographic location with more independence foreseeable in the future, thus ensuring that even after we’re gone, the knowledge of us shall continue to persist in this world.