• Date Of Birth: April 25, 1911
  • Date Of Death: December 20, 2014
  • State: Montana

Teresa Kenyon of Great Falls, Montana passed away at her home at the age of 103 on Tuesday, December 16th. Her daughter and granddaughters were at her side.

Teresa was born on April 25, 1911 to John and Anna Mino in Coal City, Illinois. She was named Teresa after her paternal grandmother. At the age of one, the family moved to Red Lodge, Montana where she spent her youth. After graduating high school she attended Western Montana College in Dillon, where she received her degree in elementary education and later taught grades one through seven in a one-room school house. It was there that she met her husband Cecil Kenyon, a farmer who rode horseback over to “meet the new school marm.” They were married two years later on June 15, 1933. Their son Kenneth was born a year later. For the next few years the family moved numerous times as Cecil followed his work.

As a youth Teresa enjoyed all kinds of sports including tennis, skating, skiing and especially baseball. In later years Cecil and Teresa became avid bowlers and won many trophies. Teresa enjoyed working in her flower garden and always had an impressive annual harvest of garlic for her cherished Italian dishes. She also insured that her outdoor bird feeders were tended to everyday. She was a fastidious housekeeper and maintained a regimented schedule. She was extremely creative and an excellent seamstress designing many beautiful clothes. She also loved to paint and draw and spent many hours crocheting, embroidering, and quilting. She even designed and made fishing lures which were put to good use when her husband Cecil built a boat and the family spent many wonderful years fishing and camping at Holter Lake.

Teresa was baptized as a Jehovah’s Witness in 1955. She was the oldest member of her church and was devoted to her congregation and preaching work.

Teresa is predeceased by her husband of 60 years, Cecil Kenyon. She is survived by her son, Kenneth (Sharon) Kenyon; her daughter, Diane Pokarney; two granddaughters, Christy (John) Michaels and Cheri (Tom) Doyle.

Teresa was an extraordinary woman and was greatly loved by her family. She was incredibly loving, strong and independent. Although she was a private person, all who met her sensed her undeniable will to live. Those fortunate enough to share her life and her love will continue to carry on her legacy by always embracing life to its fullest.

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