Samuel "Sammie" Talpes

 United States

  • Date Of Birth: February 9, 1990
  • Date Of Death: September 30, 2021
  • Spouse: Sarah Lopez
  • Siblings: Emanuela (sister), Alina (sister), Tania (sister), Cristian (brother), David (brother)
  • Children: Joseph Talpes, Ezra Talpes
  • City: Riverside
  • State: California

Samuel Ruben Talpes was born on February 9th, 1990, in Riverside California.

He was the youngest child of Constanta and Emanuel Talpes. Samuel had a beautiful and caring heart for everyone, and he would literally give the shirt of his back to help those in need. Material things meant nothing to him, and few could match his work ethic. He willingly took on the most difficult assignments so others would not have to. While Samuel battled with personal struggles throughout his life, he was sincere and genuine in all his gestures. Prior to Samuel’s passing he had to endure the passing of his father, who was only 65 years old and just 7 weeks prior to his own passing. Samuel and his dad were extremely close, and the loss was very difficult for him. At just 31 years old Samuel succumbed to his worldly struggles.

He leaves behind his beloved wife Sarah Lopez and their 2 beautiful sons Joseph Talpes who is 21 months old and Ezra Talpes who is 11 months old. He raised his kids to the best of his ability; they were his joy and gave him purpose.

Even though Samuel lived a complicated life, his faith in God was undeterred. He sincerely regretted his transgressions and continually prayed for forgiveness. Samuel was Baptized at New Hope Romanian Church and was a born-again Christian. We will never understand the final moments of his life, but we trust that the Lord prepared him for passing. He will forever be missed and loved by all the hearts he touched.

In addition to his wife and children, he leaves behind a loving mother, Constanta Talpes, three sisters (Emanuela, Alina and Tania) and two brothers (Cristian and David Talpes).