• Date Of Birth: April 2, 1949
  • Date Of Death: August 2, 2016
  • State: Montana

Randy L. Glantz was born April 2, 1949 and died August 2, 2016 at the Healthcenter in Kalispell, Montana after a brief battle with cancer.

Randy was the oldest son of Ralph and Dorothy Glantz of Harvard, Nebraska.  He married Sharon Bogus on August 29, 1975. They had four daughters, Dawnae, Chelsea, Lacey, and Natalie.  They moved to Montana in 1984, a place he would often come back to in the course of his lifetime and would always call home.

Randy was content with life and lived humbly.

Randy was an honest person.  He loved to share his stories and a laugh with anyone who would sit down with him over a cup of coffee.   He was always willing to help anyone down on their luck.  Randy thought the best of people.

One of his closest friends and confidantes in this life was his wife Sharon.  He told her that he believed that his cancer brought him back to God and the commitment he made years ago, on Sunday morning when he found nothing to do in the sleepy little town of Livingston, Montana, but to go to church.  It was on that day that he realized that he needed a Savior in Jesus Christ.  With shaking legs and great conviction, he walked to the front of the church to kneel on his knees before a gracious God.  He spent the final months of his life reminding those around him that someday everyone faces eternity, either with or without God.

If there isn’t much to take with you when you die, other than your faith and the knowledge that you will be remembered in the hearts of those close to you, then Randy Glantz died a lucky man.

Randy is survived by his wife Sharon and his daughters, Dawnae Neumann, Chelsea Thramer, Lacey Purdy, and Natalie Swartz; and grandchildren Sophia, Isabelle, Madeleine, Addison, Jameson, Augustus, Grey, and Roy, all of Kalispell, Montana.


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