• Date Of Birth: December 4, 1927
  • Date Of Death: December 22, 2015
  • State: Montana

     On December 22, 2015, the last genuine bit of faery magic left our world. Mary Mullins, 88, passed from this world into the next, leaving behind a diminishment that can never be replaced.

     Mary was born on December 4, 1927, the second child of Surtes Garrison and Alice Victoria Shepard. Mary married the love of her life, Ben Amos Mullins, on November 6, 1945, before graduating high school in 1946. Mary was incredibly proud of her husband, who joined the Navy in World War II, returning safely home to her in 1948. Though Mary and Ben had two children of their own – Sharon Ann and Sandra Lee – they opened their home to Ben’s siblings when his parents died. After Ben’s tragic passing in 1993, Mary continued alone for the remainder of her years, never letting go in her heart to Ben’s memory. Now, at last, they are reunited beyond the veil to share in their eternal reward together.

     While she lived, Mary was incredibly creative – sharing this spark of magic with her husband, as well. Where Ben was a master woodsmith and builder, Mary carried on family traditions of sewing, knitting and needlepoint, as well as bringing new life into the world at every chance with her flower gardens. Her heart was ever filled with music, and she enjoyed opera and religious melodies. Mary carried true and genuine magic in her heart and everyone who knew her was enriched in the experience.

     Mary was preceded in death by her parents and brother, husband Ben, and daughter Sandy. Mary’s legacy lives on in those who survive her: daughter Sharon, four grandchildren – Kimberly Mercer, Donald Glick, Jr., Ronald Glick, and Michael Mejak – and many more great grandchildren.

     Sol lucebunt paulo obscuriores a die hac.



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