Marion A. Lampke-Stella

 United States

  • Date Of Death: May 24, 2023
  • State: Rhode Island

Marion A. (Lemlin) Lampke-Stella, affectionately known as “Bumpsy,” fearlessly faced non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma twice in the last 15 years.

Marion continued to radiate her vibrant spirit. She hosted yet another memorable SG girls night at her home, savored the sea air in Narragansett one more time, and shared a heart-warming moment with her granddaughter as she got off the school bus in Wakefield. On Mother’s Day weekend, Marion treated herself to a haircut to touch up her signature purple highlights.

Marion’s love and legacy will forever endure through her children, Jason and Vanessa, and their spouses, Maria and Peter. Her grandchildren, Wrenano, Tommy, Candela, Eva, and Ivy Lou, will forever cherish their Grandma’s joyful memories. Her devoted sister, Kathleen “Bunny,” and her nephew and niece, Sean and Heather, along with their families, will remember Auntie Bumpsy as the welcoming and radiant light in their lives.

Marion’s “enthusiastic” cheers at sporting events resonated throughout various venues, from Budlong and CLCF to countless ice rinks and soccer fields across New England, as well as Fenway Park, Gillette Stadium, and TD Garden. While her family apologizes for any uncensored mutterings overheard during these events, Marion’s unwavering support for her favorite teams and players was evident to all. Marion poured her passion into tending her ever-changing garden, guided by pride and determination. There were no borders between her garden and her neighbor Anna’s, a bond that flourished over more than 50 years. Their shared love for gardening and nurturing created a lasting connection, resulting in the creation of a hybrid plant named Maggie, and its offshoot, Ivy.

For over 15 years, Marion was an integral part of a tightly-knit book club, comprising friends, sisters, daughters, and mothers.

Marion feared nothing and no one. She fearlessly confronted injustice and nurtured kindness and graciousness in others. Marion encouraged everyone to have high expectations of themselves, skillfully conveying her thoughts through subtle words and bold looks. Her memory will be forever cherished with love and respect. True to her character, Marion passed away on a Friday, having put in a full work week. The good people at Shuster Group, North Star, Medport, Halifax Floral, A&F, MLS, and Gorham will undoubtedly struggle to find another bookkeeper as dedicated and committed as Marion. Upon completing her work, she would celebrate with a well-deserved drink and shared laughter.

Marion held love for all in the Lemlin, Lampke, Stella, and Rowey families, as well as the Capabianco, Maine, Harris, Barry, Blanchett, and Handfield families.

To all “you people” who had the privilege of knowing her, Marion truly was “The One,” and any other idea is “just asinine”.

The family expresses special thanks to Dr. Horan and Roxanne, Dr. Butera, and the compassionate teams at RI Hospital and the Cancer Center. Gratitude is also extended to the Hope Health CNAs and nurses who made Marion’s wish of staying in her home until her last breath possible.

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