• Date Of Birth: March 17, 1949
  • Date Of Death: November 8, 2021
  • Children: Ryan Hood, Julianna Hood
  • City: Alpharetta
  • State: Georgia

Kathleen Ann King, 72, of Alpharetta, GA passed away on November 8th, 2021 after a long enduring fight with cancer, to which she fought with everything she had.

Born on March 17th, 1949, Kathleen was raised in Youngstown, Ohio and moved to Atlanta in 1972.

She had a lust for learning as she continued to strive and thrive to learn throughout her whole life. She was invested in spirituality and committed to helping others find their spiritual path. Her profession was spent in Project Management as she led a career teaching others how to be successful. She was an active member in the Unity North church and enjoyed being involved in her church’s activities. She loved purple and the beach more than most things – with the exception of her children, to whom she dedicated her life. She was an incredible mother. Her heart was pure and her smile was infectious. She was a free spirit and a spitfire. She was an incredible friend to those close to her. She is now flying free, just like she was meant to do.

Kathleen was preceded in death by her parents, Joe and Laverne Kraly; Her brother, Joe Kraly.

She is survived by her two children; her son, Ryan Hood and her daughter, Julianna Hood.