• Date Of Birth: June 17, 1944
  • Date Of Death: November 29, 2019
  • Spouse: Paris Morthorpe
  • Resting Place: Anchorage
  • City: Anchorage
  • State: Alaska

Glen Errol Morthorpe died on his final mission in the service of others, with his crew of Maddox Burts and Rob Cartner, flying an aeromedical evacuation in support of his Alaskan community. Glen moved to his spiritual home in Alaska in 2004 and became a U.S. Citizen in 2009.

It was in Alaska that Glen embraced the life of a frontier pilot as well as the Sourdough community and lifestyle. In his 15 years in Alaska, Glen flew with Aerometric, TakeFlight Alaska, and was the Director of Operations with Security Aviation. Glen was the Safety Auditor with the Medallion Foundation from 2004 – 2019. Glen’s dedication to flying and the aviation community was evident in his volunteer work as the State Safety officer for the Civil Air Patrol. He also dedicated many hours to the Birchwood squadron. Glen had many private flying students across the years of his flying career. Glen was first and foremost a teacher who believed in spreading his passion for aviation.

Glen is survived by his beloved wife, Paris; and their children, April, Samantha, Karl, Charlotte, and Veronica; as well as his children from his first marriage, Ainsley, Deann, and Michelle. He is survived by six grandchildren; and a younger sister, Dierdre.