• Date Of Birth: October 24, 1942
  • Date Of Death: July 19, 2014
  • State: Montana

Francis Edward Flesch, husband of Mary Flesch, loving father of Matthew and Alice Flesch, and amazing grandfather to Roger “Speeder” Nelson, Brooke “B-Mak” Nelson, and Caitlin “Catey” Flesch, passed away on July 19th 2014 at a care facility in Billings of natural causes.

Fran lived a beautiful and adventurous life. Unfortunately long standing heart and lung problems took him away from us. Fran was born in Lewistown Montana on October 24th 1942 and grew up in Judith Gap Montana. In 1963 he joined the United States Air Force. Very shortly after joining the Air Force, Francis married Mary Alice Flesch in 1966 and had their first child, Matthew Flesch, the next year on July 15th 1967. Next along was their daughter Alice Lynn Flesch who was born on June 15 1973. The Air Force moved Fran and the family around quite a bit, even landing him in Thailand for a while. He retired to civil service in 1984, and then retired completely in 2005. During his retirement he attended countless dirt track races, which had always been a strong passion of his, along with bowling and traveling. Fran lived for his children and grandchildren. We were always his pride and joy. He spent his whole life trying to make others’ lives better and we will be eternally thankful for that. May you forever sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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