• Date Of Birth: April 4, 1954
  • Date Of Death: July 2, 2021
  • City: Pittsburgh
  • State: Pennsylvania

Dean McAlister was born in Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh were his parents, Herb and Nancy grew up with lots of loving Italian and Scotch Irish relatives. They moved to Virginia when he was young where Herb and Nancy added a sister Renee that he was not only close to in age but also close at heart

They went to Fort Hunt High School in Alexandria, Va. with such a great group of classmates that are close to this day. Dean then went to Chowan College and was offered a job with Allegheny Airlines.

Working for the airlines he flew to Florida to visit friends and met Sandy at the University of Miami and he insisted that she share her life with him, so they married and moved to Massachusetts to work in the family tire business, Sharkey Tire and Rubber, Inc. where Dean was in management, earned numerous awards, belonged to Rotary Club International and was a Radial T/A Specialist for BF Goodrich.

Along the way, two sons Greg and Nick came along and as Dean had an athletic background, he volunteered to coach soccer for his growing boys until they knew more about the game than he did so he became a Super Dad supporter.

Dean always had talent and creativity for building, woodworking, and inventing solutions for any type of issue, so he was offered a team position building mansions in McLean, Virginia including Congressman Nelson’s replica of his wife’s family mansion here in Florida.

He morphed into working in a commercial building with a security clearance in the DC area and continued doing that here in Florida when the family relocated south for the warm weather. Dean received a State Craftsman’s Award for his talent and was honored for his skills and talent here in Florida.

Dean retired from the building and helped Sandy with McAlister Properties LLC here in Florida. His support was invaluable to helping build the business to help others find their Florida Dream.

Pictured above is Dean’s hotrod and he always had a car project in the works. He was written up in magazines and won many car show awards along the way. His cars like his building projects were innovative and stunning.

He was called “The Crowd Pleaser” for many reasons and in addition to his “No Problem Award” that came about from working on those mansions in Virginia where he was a mentor to those that worked with him so he could give back to his industry.