• Date Of Birth: November 16, 1983
  • Date Of Death: November 6, 2020
  • State: North Carolina

Bree Anne Tanner,36 departed this life on Friday, November 6, 2020. In a year where the world was marked with so much tragedy and heartache, Bree struggled to find a new beginning

for her life. Those who grew up with “Bree” remember a girl who had a flare for drama. She loved inventing new schemes and plays for her neighborhood girlfriends. There was never to

be a doubt that she was the boss and her word was law.

week). As she continued to dabble in playwriting throughout her early childhood years, most of her performances would include a dance recital of some sort. Her audience was given strict

instructions to sit in rapt attention of her lyrical movements. But such dictates were hardly needed. For she was, indeed, an enchanting dancer. It was a passion she pursued through most

of her teen and college years. Those who were blessed to see her dance could hardly call her performances anything less than mesmerizing. 

She was a devoted mother, daughter, sister, grandchild.

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