• Date Of Birth: March 15, 1980
  • Date Of Death: January 5, 2017
  • State: Montana

Born to Valerie and Larry Parsons on March 15, 1980, Benjamin Jim (Curtis) Parsons was a light from the moment he was born. With his fiery red hair and endless energy, he started intervals young, being instructed by his parents to run around the house to tire him out, his little sister trailing in his wake.

As he grew, he continued to find outlets to burn that energy, whether in school, on the mountains or in his professional endeavors.

Ben leaves behind a family who had front row seats to watching his love in action: his beloved wife and teammate Jennifer Parsons; the thrill of his life, his son Rowen Parsons; his parents and greatest fans, Valerie and Lawrence Parsons; and his partner in crime, the original bro-bra, Josephine Parsons.

He also leaves a family-in-law of brother bears (Patrick and Bryan), sisters (Jessica and Monica), mom (Debbie) and little cubs Noah and Sloane, who loved being swept into his adventures and forced him to play board games and basketball – the only competitive activities in which Ben could be beaten.                      

Ben also left an extended family who lived vicariously through his escapades: Susan and Robert Burroughs and family, Tom and Trish Boydston and family, Jerry and Deb Boydston and family, Joe Boydston and family, the James Boydston family, Stephen and Cindy Parsons and family, Martin Parsons and family, Liza Dawson and family, and John and Sue Parsons and family.

The blurred lines between friend and family carried over to his brothers and sisters at the Whitefish Fire Department, and those other groups who put on uniforms that matched his: the Sportsmen SkiHaus cycling team, and lycra lovers everywhere.

He was predeceased by his father-in-law Donald Curtis Jr. and uncles James Boydston and Sandy Parsons.

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