Ashlee Renee Sifuentes

 United States

  • Date Of Birth: December 10, 1984
  • Date Of Death: October 18, 2016
  • State: Montana

Ashlee Renee Sifuentes, 31, passed away on Tuesday, October 18th, 2016 at her home in Kalispell.  After a long battle and the struggles she faced with her pain, anxiety, PTSD, and depression, Ashlee chose to take her own life.

Ashlee was born on December 10th, 1984 in Washington to Kim Renee Abell and Frank Anthony Sifuentes.

Ashlee began her early education in Evergreen, MT and attended both schools in the Evergreen School District before moving up to KJHS and finishing up with Flathead High School.  It was no surprise that from an early age Ashlee had a strong love for sports.  Ashlee played girls basketball throughout her entire education, and was a phenomenal baseball player as well.  She spent 8 years playing on the BOYS All- Star baseball team in Kalispell.  Her love for the game, no matter which ball it involved, was nothing short of intense and she wasnt afraid to show her passion for the game know matter how extreme it seemed.

Ashlee’s admiration for baseball/softball grew even more so in the past few years, when she recruited her “baby” sister Shawna Jean to play softball with her.  Coaching, teaching, practicing, and playing ball with her sister made Ashlee happier than anything else.  Her hopes of passing on her reputation and legacy as a ball player to Shawna Jean, were just becoming a reality for her. Lovingly refered to as “Smash”, “Bad- Ash”, and “Ash-itude”, Ashlee was in her true form and in her happiest moments when she was wearing her infamous #23 jersey.  Hey Double- D’s, Rainbow Beats, and Spirit Quest Archary…”We made it!”

If you didnt know Ash for her reputation in sports then it was most certainly her passion for dogs, and being called ” The Dog Whisperer” by her friends and family.  Ashlee was a certified Paws for Humanity dog trainer, but it was her soft spot for pitbulls that made her stand out.  Ash could relate first hand to the negative stereotype and reputation they both had, and spent her days proving why that was wrong. “The kids”,  Her ying and yang pitbulls, Dash and Aries, and her “little man” Bentley Franklin were “Daddy’s” pride and joy.  They weren’t pets, they are family.  Daddy will always be their best friend.

“Trust and Believe”, she’d show you how and why “actions speak louder than words.”  We’ll never be able to forget her slightly theatrical performances she gave while telling the stories of her epic adventures, past, present, or future.

We’ll never stop believing in you Ashlee Renee.  Your legacy will carry on in each and every person whose life you touched.  To us you’re already famous, but its our promise to honor you by sharing your story to raise awareness. “Sometimes the most broken people try to fix others because they can’t fix themselves.” #SMASHtheSILENCE23.  You truly were The Best Of Both Worlds, just as you said, ” Won’t ever find another like me, shoulda put a patton on me.”

Ashlee is proceeded in death by her grandmother, Vi Abell.  She is survived by her Mother; Kim Abell of Kalispell.  Her Father; Frank Sifuentes of Arizona.  Her stepfather; Jerry Abell, a sister; Shawna Abell, Maternal Grandparents; Georgie Gasser and Glen Gasser, all of Kalispell.  Paternal Grandparents; Adaline Sifuentes and Ben Sifuentes of Washington.  Uncles; Shawn Gasser of Kalispell and Monte Gasser of Washington, as well as MANY cousins, adopted family members, and friends.

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