• Date Of Birth: March 21, 1963
  • Date Of Death: February 21, 2016
  • State: Montana

Andrea Call,  52, passed away Sunday morning attended by her loving husband and family.

Born to Muriel Jackson, Andrea Call was the youngest child of three.  Raised in an environment significantly influenced by her mother, she was encouraged to pursue her goals and was taught that success is achieved through hard work and personal effort.  The joys of life were embraced as well, such as sand castle building on the Oregon coast.

Andrea rewarded her maternal nurturing by achieving success both personally and professionally.  Andrea’s professional career demonstrated her intelligence, personal drive and the ability to work with people.  Her parents can be proud that Andrea lived by the values they instilled.

Andrea’s sister, Tracy, and her brother, John, each shared a special relationship with her. The sisters enjoyed growing up together as friends and shared many wonderful hours together playing.  As life progressed, that friendship grew into a strong confidence that only sisters can share.  As adults the relationship with her brother grew a strong mutual respect including a willingness to share and discuss the challenges work life presented.

Andrea was intelligent, quick witted with an amazing sense of humor and engaging personality that made being a friend a joy and pleasure.  The sense of personal strength developed by her parents would occasionally show itself in the form of very direct communication.  However, any friend would tell you that was part of her charm.  Andrea was blessed with strong friendships.  The support they provided during her illness cannot be measured and was greatly appreciated.  We can only hope to follow the example she set for being a friend.

When we look for our life’s partner, it is often said we look to fill gaps.  As a couple both Andrea and Greg were more complete for the relationship.  This is perhaps most clearly seen with the growth of their family and the strong ties they hold with all of their family members.  They bravely faced the many challenges life presented them, drawing on Andrea’s strength and energized by Greg’s creativity.  Andrea is survived by a strong family, her loving husband and two amazing children

We come full circle and it is Andrea’s turn to be proud of her children.  They are caring and polite; a pleasure to be with.  They too share her love for building castles in the sand.

Andrea possessed a unique sensitivity that helped her in her battle against cancer, surviving longer than anyone expected. The gift of extra time was an extraordinary one, leaving all to fondly remember and respect Andrea the Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother……and Friend

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