Richard "Hermy" Hermanson

 United States

  • Date Of Birth: June 8, 1932
  • Date Of Death: July 17, 2015
  • State: Montana

Richard was born on June 8, 1932 in Bagley, Minnesota to parents Frances Mervin Hermanson and Margaret Mae Sanden Hermanson. Richard grew up in Fargo, North Dakota and attended Central High School in St. Paul, MN, where he was Vice-President of the Senior Class Council. In 1954 he attended North Dakota State University in Fargo and was President of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, part of the ROTC Commission and a member of UPT. While in school and for many years after, Richard sold insurance for Mutual Insurance of New York.

While out golfing one day, Richard met a young gal by the name of Jeanne Marie Farr, and on February 17, 1954, they were married; and for the next 61 years, Richard always said, “I’m one lucky fellow for having her as my wife!”

Shortly after his marriage to Jeanne, Richard enlisted with the United States Air Force on August 9, 1954, where his passion quickly became flying fighter jets and he excelled through the ranks to become a highly decorated Full Colonel. In 1959, he joined with the Air National Guard and some of the best of times were when he flew with the “Happy Hooligans”. Richard and Jeanne had an amazing life together and they made many life-long friends during his time in the military. Richard retired from his military career on August 31, 1980. He had made quite a name for himself during his service years; and still to this day, his friends and family greet him as, “Hermy”, “The Colonel” or “Dick”.

Dad was a sharp dressed man (with mom’s help of course), with high standards, both personally and professionally. His combination of high morals, solid ethics, honesty and dedication made him the loving husband, father and friend that his family respects and will miss the most. He always excelled at everything he did, and he always had the best advice for us girls, not that we always listened, but he still gave it to us regardless.

Jeanne was the center of Dads world, and us, his five daughters, were a very serious point of pride for him, although we still feel sorry for our husbands going through “The Drill”. Richard loved his family, and you never knew just when he would show up at your door, usually at a very early hour of the morning. He was a very proud grandfather and loved to go to the grandkids sporting events and special events. He would take the kids out camping, fishing, hunting, boating, or even on the golf cart, just to spend time with them; he talked about them all the time.

Even after Dad retired, He and Mom didn’t settle down. Dad made sure their cars were new and shiny, in fact, we still believe it was against his religion to have a dirty vehicle. He was very proud of his yard and his tomatoes, and if he were to give you one, you knew that he liked you. Richard really enjoyed hunting and fishing. One year he was dubbed the killer of “Big Otis” the Elk, which he made into a coat for mom. And out at Holter Lake his pontoon boat was named “Jeanne Marie”, and he was known as “The Mayor” because he knew everything that was going on at the campground. Whether it was bird, fish, deer or bear, we always ate what he hunted, and we ate well.

Richard was very active in the community, belonging to numerous clubs: Masonic Temple, Elks, AF Association, NG Association US, NG Association North Dakota, Fighter Pilots Association, Meadowlark Country Club, the O’Club, and Men’s Morning Coffee Club of Great Falls.

Richard was a stickler for time­­­­- “If you’re not fifteen minutes early, your late”, he would say. Dad was always the first one there and the first to leave. Mom will miss his beautiful smile, warm hugs, and his caring and loving nature.

Richard is survived by his wife, Jeanne Hermanson; daughters, Debbie Laabs, Chris (Rich) Owen, Tracie (Pat) Laabs, Roxanne Hermanson and Monica (Paul) Schmook; grandchildren, Kelly (Courtney) Laabs, Tanner (Jaime) Laabs, Joe (Jamie) Laabs, Jeff Owen, Gregg Owen, Jessica Laabs, Patti Jo Labbs (Stefan Malkuch), Luke Laabs, Danielle(Lancelot) Azure, Jamison Hermanson, Jason Ditch, Brehanne(David Kluge) Waldenburg, Lacey(Randy Steffenson) Manning, Taylor Schmook; great-grandchildren, Brooklyn, Austin, Micheal, Alexis, Isaac, Mayzee, Sofie, Alex, Michael, Kale, Sadie.

Those who have proceeded Richard in death include his parents; his brothers, Ronnie and Bob and his wife MaryAnn Hermanson; and son-in-law, Mike Laabs.

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