• Date Of Birth: March 3, 1966
  • Date Of Death: December 12, 2014
  • State: Montana

Maureen “Mo” Riley, 48 of Great Falls, passed away on December 12, 2014 after a battle with ovarian cancer.

Maureen was born in Butte, MT on March 7, 1966. In 1977 she moved to Great Falls to live at a children’s group home supported by Quality Life Concepts. That home later transitioned into an adult’s group home, allowing Maureen to live in the same home for 37 years. Over these years she made many close ties with the other residents and she came to treasure these friends as though they were family.

When she was ready to enter the working world, Maureen became employed by Easter Seals as a Piece Worker. One of her greatest joys was seeing the familiar faces at work and home, and she loved the friends she made there.

Maureen loved coffee and was known for starting and ending her day with at least one cup, and filling the rest of the day in between with it as well. To her, it was one of life’s little pleasures. She also loved her building blocks and toys, and the sun shining on her face.

She is survived by her family of friends and the staff she worked with, as well as her caregivers at QLC.

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