• Date Of Birth: April 1, 1930
  • Date Of Death: August 20, 2015
  • State: Montana

Delores June Goff passed away peacefully in her sleep Thursday morning. She was eighty five years old. She was an only child raised by her mother who was a schoolteacher. Her childhood home was Ontario, Wisconsin. She married in August of 1947 to Vere Goff and they had four children. Delores and Vere were one week short of their sixty eighth wedding anniversary. Delores devoted her life to raising her children who were up to 14 years apart. She did not graduate from high school, but when her youngest child was a toddler she went back to school to get her diploma. We were very proud of her. She was a very Godly woman who spent her time pursuing a life led by scriptures. Her particular gift was aiding individuals in need. Her love of music was displayed by singing in numerous church choirs, playing the piano and playing her accordion. She had a heart filled with compassion and love.

Delores always planted a big garden and canned the bounty of the harvest. Her children still follow that example. She was particularly fond of old time implements and sometimes cooked on her early American wood stove.

She is survived by her husband Vere Goff, her children Larry Goff (Dianna Goff), Marilyn New (Bob New), Bruce Goff (June Goff), and Lorrie Elliott (Randy Elliott). She has seven grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren. Each one has had the great honor and privilege to have her in their life.

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